Cosplay is a world where people really want to be a character that they really desire. In their hearts there is always said, “Ah, a very remarkable character. I always wanted to be like that.” therefore they were happy to make an appearance as similar-in common with the character of their idol. Nice clothes and make-up are arranged perfectly is something that must be met by a cosplayer. Therefore I will here show you some photos of the best cosplayers I’ve ever collected.
1. Himouto Umaru-chan Cosplay (GoBaino)
Himouto GoBoiano
Wow, this is really the best cosplay I’ve ever seen. Not I have thought a himouto that exist only in the manga but really exist in this world. Kyaaaaah.
2. Naruto and Sasuke Eating Ramen (
Eating Ramen otsutsukiis tumblr com
If you know where is it, please contact me okay!
3. Asuna Undine (
Asuna Undine worldcosplay net
Asuna-san wa hontou ni kawaiii.
4. Attack On Titan Cosplay (
Attack On Titan healthyotaku tumblr com
The effect really makes the pictures look very real
5. Gintoki Cosplay (
Gintoki Cosplay bestcosplayeah tumblr com
Kakoi yo Gintoki-san
6. Haise Sasaki Cosplay (
Haise Sassaki worldcosplay
This is the best cosplay ever. If not like this post Sasaki will come to your home and exterminate you, hehe kiding.
I hope you like it